About me

I understand you want some gossip. So here it goes:

I grew up in a small town in Czech republic, finished the high school cum laude and enlisted at a university. I liked math and physics but didn’t want to be too nerdy so Faculty of Informatics and Management sounded cool. After a year, thanks to good results, I went to study abroad, to Amsterdam, which was even more cool. That experience changed me and the course of my life as I could not see the life back home the same way anymore. I wanted to travel more and specially to Spain where I met a girl from while in Amsterdam.

But duty first so I went on and finished my degree (TOP 10 in the university, just for record) in 2010 and the day after graduation I flew to Spain. I have been there before, but this time I had no ticket back. The time was hard and my savings disappeared quickly as there were no jobs for an IT grad at Costa del Sol where 80 to 90% of all jobs are in tourism. But I got lucky and found a job for a foreign company which looked for someone speaking czech for customer support only to find, that after a year and somethings, they went bankrupt so there I was, at the street again. Well not literally as I had a girlfriend to live with (yeah, the one from Amsterdam), but you know what I mean.

I was doing a skipper licence at the moment and somehow the director of the academy got interested in me and offered me a job so I accepted. It was always my dream to have a boat, or at least to sail and now I was working for sailing academy, doing administrative tasks during the week and practical lessons on weekends. My dream came true. I went on and taking advantage of my employee position (and discounts) continued with my skipper licenses until, one year later, finally getting the sea captain license - unlimited.

But not all stories end well, as you already know, so my then-boss closed the academy and I had to look for another open door again. I found one thanks to a friend at an IT company and started as trainee learning mobile development. And here I am, one year later, an iOS developer with several published apps and growing. Ahh and I also found a place where they let me teach new skippers part-time, so I haven't thrown my sailing dreams overboard..

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